Welcome to the Pigs in Cyberspace: A Design & Culture Exploration of NZ Farming research project!

On this website you will find four short videos filmed at the Longbush Pork farm in New Zealand’s Wairarapa region.

Links to the videos:

Lucy Cam

Pigs in Motion

Hannah Cam 

Life of a Pig

I am investigating how people relate to stories about livestock animals and farming, and after each video you will find a link to a short questionnaire about what you have seen.

Please note that:

Participating in this research is VOLUNTARY and ANONYMOUS.

You may complete as many, or as few, questionnaires as you wish.

Within each questionnaire, you may respond to as many, or as few, questions as you wish.

You are NOT required to provide any information that can personally identify you (such as your name or location) but individual responses will be used for public presentation and publication.

By submitting your answers to these questions you are consenting to participate in my research and to the terms outlined above.

Each questionnaire should take 10-15 minutes to complete. Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts!

This research has been approved by the Victoria University of Human Ethics Committee. My thesis will be submitted for marking to the School of Design, and disseminated via the Victoria University of Wellington Library. This research may also be published in print and online.

If you have any questions or concerns about this research, please contact Postgraduate Researcher Madelena Mañetto Quick (manettmade@myvuw.ac.nz) or Dr Anne Galloway (anne.galloway@vuw.ac.nz).

The survey closes on Sunday 15th May at 12am.

Links to the videos:

Lucy Cam

Pigs in Motion

Hannah Cam 

Life of a Pig

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