Pigs in Cyberspace: A Design and Culture Exploration of NZ Farming explores the ways that stories are told about animals online. It looks specifically at the social media activity of Longbush Pork and their photos and videos of pigs in wallows, water troughs, paddocks, huts and occasionally the farmers’ own home. The engagement of their online audience is another integral aspect to the project, and provides insight into the different relationships between human and nonhuman animals.

The central method I used for understanding Longbush Pork and stories about pigs is design ethnography. This entailed an in-depth and firsthand understanding of pig farming. I analysed popular content of Longbush Pork’s Twitter and Instagram, after which I visited and stayed at the Longbush Pork farm. I gathered footage of the pigs through different methods in order to engage with different ways of telling stories according to ideas discussed the Jeremy and Naya, owners and operators of Longbush Pork. Videos which present new narratives about animals for an online audience is the design output.